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HRF 3000 Plasma Sterilizer
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Plasma Sterilizer

HRF 3000 Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilizer

ISO 9001 ISO 13485 CE 1984 EMC LVD

HRF 3000

Automatic Detects Moist Load, Dries and Continues Sterilization

"Sterilization will never be interrupted"

HRF 3000 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Device; All kinds of plastic, polymer, inorganic, electromechanical tools and surgical instruments, etc., which can be re-used, all kinds of heat and moisture sensitive medical materials that sterilize the new generation of ecological hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization device.

HRF 3000 (H2O2) Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilization Device is a low-temperature, non-moisture sterilizing device that does not cause toxic wastes. It is used in the sterilization of all kinds of medical materials and medical instruments such as metal and non-metal, inorganic, polymer, etc.

HRF3000 Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma Sterilization Device
HRF 3000 Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Technology Benefits
  • User and environment friendly.
  • Extends the life of medical devices and instruments.
  • Cost effective.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • In Central Sterile Supply Department (C.S.S.D) shortens the processing time.
  • Increases efficiency.
  • It is ecological.
  • 37 - 55 C operating range

HRF 3000 Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Device
  • User and environment friendly.
  • Tyvek® package compatible.
  • Does not leave toxic waste.
  • It does not need any ventilation lines.
  • User and environment friendly. 10-6 (Sterility Assurance Level) Sterilization Safety Level.
  • It works with 60% H2O2 cartridge.
  • Sterilization is not addicted to the company in the Packaging Consumables.
sterilizing device is easy to use

It has an HRF Plasma system that enables the conversion of Hydrogen Peroxide used in sterilization to water and oxygen. Therefore, this system does not have harmful waste. No installation required, only electrical connection. The sterilization temperature can be set at 35 – 55 and optionally at intermediate values. It does not cause damage to plastic and electronic equipment due to low-temperature sterilization, instruments such as camera head, fiber optic cable, rigid and flexible endoscopes are safely sterilized. It is recommended to use in the sterilization of very complex lumen materials.

The HRF 3000 H2O2 Automatic Detects, Dries and Sterilizes the Damp Load Continuously..

HRF 3000 Cold Plasma Running Video
  • Preparation (vacuum test, conditioning, etc.)
  • Sterilization (H2O2 injection, sterilization, diffusion, plasma, ... etc.)
  • Ventilation (Air Washing)
  • All phases start and end automatically without the need for user intervention. As long as H2O2 is in the chamber, the door of the sterilization device is not opened for safety reasons without air washing.
Short Program
Short Program
Long Program
Long Program
Lumen Program
Lumen Program
Lumen Sterilization (PCD)

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Plasma Sterilization Device; performs sterilization of conventional type disposable materials, medical products and other similar materials except endoscopes, devices, instruments. In the sterilization of H2O2 plasma, there is no need for any apparatus for the sterilization of non-complex lumens.

Rigid Endoscopes Flexible Endoscopes
Trocar Cannula
Trocar Case
Device & Tool
Defibrillator Pedals
ElectroKoter Products
Esophageal Dilators
Head Pressure Transducer Cables
Endoscopic Products
Fiber Optic Cables
Laser Hand Products
Fiber Accessories
Ophthalmic Lenses
Radiation Therapy Instruments
Surgical Power Equipment
Drilling & Cutting Tools
Ultrasound Probes
Video Camera and Connection Apparatus
PCD 850 1
FTPE 850 mm ø1 mm
PCD 1000 2
FTPE 1000 mm ø2 mm
PCD 1200 2
FTPE 1200 mm ø2 mm
Ethylene Oxide & Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Comparison Table
Method of Sterilization Ethylene Oxide Hydrogen Peroxide
Efficacy Effective Limited Efficacy
Cycle Time ~ 4-12 hrs ~ 70 Minutes
Cost of Cycle ~ 12,00* € ~9,00* €
Cartridge Storage Challenging Appropriate
Dangerous High Environmental Friendly
Preparation for Sterilization Medium Long
Capacity Limited Capacity Limited Capacity
Material Compatibility Mixed Material Various Programs for Different Products
Pollutant Risky Ecologic
External Connection Needed No Needed
Working Temperature 37-55 ℃ 37-55 ℃
Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) 10-6 10-6
Maintenance Expensive Reasonable
Installation Challenging Easy
Working Principle ETO Only H2O2 Only, but Upgradable
Diameter and Length Limitless 1 mm Ø - 400 mm / 2 mm Ø 1200 mm
Residue on Product Risky No residue on Product
Cost of Device ~ 12.000,00 €* ~ 35.000,00 €*
Overall Score 7/18 8/18

The chart is showing the comparison of sterilizers in terms of different parameters and properties. Although, sterilization is certain on each of the methods, there are variables to consider for end users perspective.

The first one is Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer in terms of Cost and Capability-with 8/18.

The second is Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizer with limited advantages and high considerable risks – 7/18.

  • Emergency Stop button,
  • Audible and visual warning system showing error and error codes that may occur during sterilization stages,
  • By showing the stages of sterilization; heat, pressure etc. continuously control the values and plan to work according to these values
  • PLC and Microprocessor control
  • To be able to do the necessary cycle system and necessary arrangements automatically with microprocessor and PLC system,
  • Observation with chemical and biological indicators,
  • In case of failure to reach the sterilization values, warn the user by cancelling the cycle for safety reasons,
  • In case of power failure; continue the process according to the sterilization phase or terminate the program and warn the user about the absence of sterilization in writing and visually.
  • Overload and over-wet warning
Model (Single Door) Chamber Volume (Lt.) Effective Volume (Lt.) Internal Dimensions (mm) External dimensions (mm)
S75 113 92 440 700 370 730 1010 1860
S125 154 131 440 700 500 730 1010 1860
Steril H2O2 Agent Characteristics
H2O2 ConcentrationMin %45 H2O2 Concentration and above Concentration sterilization efficiency
H2O2 Cartridge Feature%45 - ... - %60 H2O2 / 100 cc - 150 cc / with safety vent. Usually 60% is used.
Cartridge Cycle Quantity 5 cycles, 7 cycles, 10 cycles, 15 cycles cassette types are available.
Cartridge Shelf Life It is 6/12 months from the production date at 15-25 ˚C.
H2O2 Waste Drainage FeatureYes (1 Lt. disposable)
Packaging Products Used
Compatible Packaging MaterialsTyvek® Sterilization Roller, Wrap Papers, Various Surgery, Container Systems
Inappropriate MaterialsFabric, Cellulose, Liquids
IndicatorsChemical and Biological Indicators
Vacuum Pump and Maintenance Periods6 Months (350 cycles) and 1 year (700 cycles) vacuum pump oil change is also performed with the device maintenance.
Other Technical SpecificationsThe device is a mobile block type and the carriage has easy transport and installation features with 4 wheels locked under the cabin. No need for waste disposal system.

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