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Uvion Air Asepticizer
Air Purifier Particle Reduction And Decontamination Device

Uvion Air Asepticizer

Positive-Negative Pressure Air Conditioning

We offer maximum hygiene in intensive care and operation areas.

ASEPTICIZER high level particulate removal, bacterial filtration, microbiological protection and contamination reduction device.

It provides 99.5% Particulate and 99.5% Biological Decontamination.

Areas of Usage
uvion air asepticizer
  • Operating theaters,
  • Intensive care areas (newborn, child, adult),
  • Patient rooms,
  • Nano technology laboratories,
  • Production facilities (food, medicine, medical equipment),
  • Units and areas of emergency services (isolation room, isolation room, decontamination / decontamination room-area, burn chamber) etc ..
  • In all environments where high hygiene is required
  • It is produced as an alternative to the central system.
General Specifications
uvion air asepticizer
  • Controls the temperature, humidity and pressure in the area.
  • It has 5 different modes including 3 positive, 1 negative and 1 automatic.
  • It is capable of providing POSITIVE and NEGATIVE pressure and has a contamination system.
  • Adjusts air speed flow according to filter efficiency with speed compensation system.
  • The main filter is HEPA H14 (retention of 99.9998% for particles greater than 0.3 microns).
  • Cleans the air from the external environment by using pre and waste filter application (Eu4, Eu9, H13, G4)
  • The HEPA Plenium Box, which is suitable for DOP, ensures filter safety.
  • The system has UVC 254 nm germicidal lamp.
  • With UVION Module technology, it is provided to disinfect the filtered air with negative ion and atmospheric plasma effect.
  • Values can be set via touch, color, graphic display and area variables can be observed.
  • It has full automatic automation control and the sensor group is sensitive to sensitive changes.
  • At maximum power, the measured volume is 55 Db
  • Installation time is short, easy to use, and most importantly, it can be easily moved in any architectural changes inside the building, it can be mounted in another room.
  • For different capacities and application areas, Wall, Ceiling, Corner modules are available.
  • Unlike central systems, the application areas can be controlled independently. Thus, the risk of contamination is minimized by the use of Aseptizers.
Technical Specifications
  • The device takes up very little space with its efficient and distinctive design; it can be mounted on wall, corner or ceiling without special conditions or large area.
  • Thanks to the air exchange rate of 2500 m3/h according to models, it provides sterilization in areas of 40-60 m2 and larger (h: 3 m).
  • The chassis of the Uvion Asepticizer device is made of steel and does not oxidize due to negative ions.
  • There are two models of the device with and without air conditioning. The heating and cooling capacity of the air-conditioned models starts from a minimum of 10000 BTU.
  • Allows air conditioning of the environment at 16-30 °C.
  • Heating - cooling and humidification operations.
Uvion Module

The asepticizer comprises a complete sterilization and negative ion generator, which can operate as a stand-alone system. System creates atmospheric plasma (pathogenic ionizer). The negative ion generator consists of Titanium dioxide (TiO2), Silver iodide (AgI), Copper Sulphate (CuS) coated borosilicate, cylindrical cam tube and HV unit. This mechanism, thanks to its catalytic inverter ethylene-based gas and the particles in the system -OH (hydroxyl attachments) breaks down to anesthesia and other gases to decomposition, microorganisms DNA structure in violation of the deactivation, negative (-) Ions means of the suspended particles and to the right in the photocatalytic reaction by forming the airborne pathogens and gases ineffective.

Clean Air Input

The UVION ASEPTICIZER can be connected to the fresh air with hermetic chimney from outside, thus it is possible to obtain adjustable air in the range of 10% - 100%. If this feature is used, 20 Pa positive pressure is provided in the indoor environment where the device is used. Interior unit weight 144 kg.

Differences - Advantages of UVION AIR ASEPTIZOR from existing devices and plants.

1- The system can be operated in 5 different modes.

  • a- Positive pressure mode has 3 different stages (according to models: 900 m3 / h - 3500 m3 / h),
  • b- Negative pressure mode (2000 m3 / h)
  • c- Automatic operation mode.

# The system has the feature of being the first and only feature to make the pressure negative. Extra module is not needed.

# When the device is in Auto mode, it operates according to the user input value and filter efficiency.

2- For Max power measurements, system noise is less than 58 dB.**

3- The filters used in the system are H14 type HEPA with high retention rates. (99.9998% retention for particles greater than 0.3 micrometer)

# It was determined that the system provided 95% decontamination for particles larger than 0.3 micrometers in the measurements made after 1 hour of operation.

4- The device does not need construction, channels like central systems. Application time is short, easy to use. The system is portable.

# The application areas can be controlled independently. There is no risk of contamination / spread.

# The installation area can be controlled by adjusting to different temperature, humidity and pressure values.

5- Within the UVION MODUL System; Negative ion technology is available to prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and other organisms.

# The application was developed by TEKNOMAR and applied for the first time in the Uvion Pathogen Ionizer, an air sterilization device. The module was tested in the Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty.

# Asepticizer disinfects the atmosphere of the environment.

Use of Asepticizer in operating rooms
How is Air Sterilization with Ionizer?

Negative ions are ions that have gained extra electrons. As normal atoms or molecules gain extra electrons, they become negative ions. The negative ions generated by our device are made of oxygen atom. The same process is carried out continuously in nature. The ions in the nature are caused by sunlight, radiation and air movements.

Negative ion molecules with extra electrons have a positive effect on the environment. They contribute to the fresh air by neutralizing the odor in the environment. Research studies have proved the biological activity of negative ions. The sum of the negative and positive ion numbers has a constant value in the environment. The more negative ions in the environment, the less contamination and less particles in the air will be circulating. Negative ions are odorless oxygen atoms with excess electrons. If the ozone concentration is higher, the smell can be detected.

High voltage and UVC light are required to generate negative ions. Under these conditions, oxygen atoms gain electrons to become negative ions.

Negative ions reduce the number of particles (dust and pollen) in the air. However, odor removal is not as effective as ozone. Safe levels of ozone do not reduce the number of floating particles in the air, but they eliminate odors.

Ozone gas is a short-lived, unstable and very active gas, which turns into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor in relation to odor or other gases.

Formation of ozone gas; Oxygen atoms are divided into atoms when exposed to high voltage electricity or high energy UVC. An oxygen that is near the separated oxygen atom combines with the O2 atom to form O3.

Uvion ASEPTİZÖR device eliminates odor and contamination by producing negative oxygen and ozone gas under high voltage with Titanium dioxide, AgI, CuS coated borosilicate glass tubes and UVC and removes microbes, viruses, fungi, molds and spores. By means of the HEPA filter in the device, it holds 99.9995% particles larger than 0.3 micrometers. Thanks to the EU and carbon filters on the device, the life of the HEPA filter is extended and coarse particles are kept. Thanks to the air flow directions and speed settings, the environment operates under positive and negative pressure. Unit receives fresh air from the outside environment for 10-30% and processing these data to the sterile internal environment air. Thanks to its external insulation, environments (especially operating rooms) can be converted to decontamination areas. The device is placed in the corner and takes up the least space.

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