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XRETON-P Uvion Mobile Air Sterilizer
Atmospeheric Plasma Pathogen Ionizer Filtered Mobile Air Sterilizer

XRETON-P Uvion Mobile Air Sterilizer

Uvion Pathogen Ionizer EN - Pdf 1367 Kb.

ISO 9001 ISO 13485 CE 1984 EMC LVD

Uvion Mobile Air Sterilizer DataSheet EN - Pdf 184 Kb.

Pathogen Ionization "XRETON-P UVION Mobile"
XRETON-P Uvion Mobile
Device disinfects with ozone, ionizer, UV support and HEPA / ULPA filter.

By producing negative ion and ozone (O3), the device destroys pathogens, viruses and bacteria; Homogeneous air filtration and sterilization. XRETON-P Uvion is a compact and faraday cage qualified designed sterilization device. By generating negative Ion and Ozone (O3), device vanishes based pathogens, viruses, fungies, molds and bacterizes in the located area. Device that efficiency tested by authorized Universities can be run 24 hours per day at populated fields.

The main filter (Hepa / Ulpa) has the highest keeping capability as %99,9998 on particles bigger than 0.3 microns.

How Does Pathogenic Ionizer Work?

When normal atoms or molecules gain extra electrons, they become negative ions and increase the quality of the air in the environment. Uvion device HV, Titanium dioxide (TiO2), Silver iodide (AgI), Copper sulphate (CuS) coated Borosilicate glass tubes and short wave light source, including advanced technology to produce negative ion, oxygen and ozone gas to eliminate odors and pollution in the environment. The activity of the mobile unit has been increased with 4 UV lamps against environmental pathogens.

Filtration in Device
XRETON-P Uvion Mobile

It consists of a cassette-type, pre-filter and main filter that holds large particles. Filters are easy to change. Again, the device reminds the user of the filter change warning time.

Effective for 30-40 m2 area. For special areas such as Intensive care, Operating room, Isolation rooms ve Support for filtration can also provide ambient air disinfection and provides individual solutions for the improvement of home conditions for patient rooms and private patients.

With the LCD display on the device; UV lamp life (6000 hours), Filter life can be tracked, 3-mode (economy - medium - high) airflow can be set. UV lamp, Uvion module (Ionizer) can be switched on and off. There is an alarm mechanism written on the screen, there is an on / off button.

Width: 320 mm, Length: 320 mm, Height: 820 mm (including feet), Weight: 22.5 kg (± 10% for all values) Energy: 220V ± 10% 50-60 Hz

Function Specifications

The device contains a complete sterilization and negative ion generator that can work as a stand-alone system. One of the most important features of the device by spreading the airborne pathogens and harmful gases; It is to make hygienic environment by forming a photocatalytic reaction in its reactor.

Xreton-P UVION Mobile; Thanks to the air suction system inside the device, it takes the ambient air from the diffusers at the bottom and provides air circulation.

Usage areas

The pathogen ionizer device is used for all areas where sterilization and hygiene are needed. Especially in hospitals (operating theaters, intensive care units, laboratories, surgeries, clinics, etc.) in the crowded places where there is a risk of contamination (military wards, classrooms, banks, offices, airports, shopping centers, entertainment centers, public offices, etc.) hygienic factories. The system is designed for all kinds of environments where no harmful substances, particles, gases and microorganisms are desired.

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