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Emergency Isolation Room & Isolation Room, CW650 IO Aseptizer Device
Negative Pressure Intensive Care Isolation Room Device

CW650 Emergency Insulation Room



  • Controls The Negative Field Alone.
  • No Need For Project, Construction And Modification. The System Is Established Without Obstructions To Icu Services.
  • The Fastest/Practical Isolation Room Installation For Emergency Service.
  • No Need To Stop Your Icu Service. You Have No Economic Loss.
  • Optionally, CW650-IO Device Provides Negative Or Positive Pressure In The Environment With A Single Button.

About Isolation Rooms

The contamination of microorganisms that are the reason for the occurrence of hospital infections occurs through contact, droplet, airway (respiratory), common use and vector.

It is aimed to prevent patients and healthcare workers from being infected from the outside environment with the precautions of isolation rooms.

Standard inpatient care units and isolation rooms are designed to shorten the length of stay, reduce health costs, reduce the rate of patient death and hospital infections, and create safe, comfortable and useful spaces for "inpatients - health personnel - visitors".

It is possible to define 3 different isolation rooms.

  1. Rooms for Airborne Infections (Negative Pressure Applications)
  2. Environmentally Protected Rooms (Positive Pressure Applications)
  3. Fully Isolated Rooms

Requirement and Usage Areas

Contact isolation (mrsa, vre, ecoli, Hepatitis A, skin diphtheria, Ebola, Crimean Congo, rotavirus, parainfluenza, lavsa, decubitus, Strict contact isolation (VRE), Droplet Isolation (meningitis, diphtheria, pertussis, plague, pneumonia, adenoid virus, parnovirus 19, influenza, measles, mumps, etc.), Respiratory Isolation (varicella, shingles, tuberculosis, TBC, SARS, etc.)

Uvion Air Aseptizer is a specially designed size and feature for isolation rooms, and it alone provides heat, ventilation, humidification and air conditioning of the isolation room for airborne infections.

Allows you to manage the conditions of the room, providing high protection for the patient and the environment. Considering the physical and biological properties of patients and microorganisms, there is a patented UVION module that can produce atmospheric plasma, negative ions, and ozone in the device.

Each hospital should have at least one isolation room for airborne infections.

The purpose of Negative Pressure used for isolation rooms is to remove infected droplets from the room, which can hang in the air and travel long distances with the movement of air. However, isolated rooms can be made with POSITIVE PRESSURE, positive pressure isolation rooms are suitable for patient rooms with low immune system, allogeneic, autologous, stem cell, chemotherapy, haematology treatment patient rooms and bone marrow transplant patient rooms.

İzolasyon Odası Kurulumu
Installation And Layout

With the Uvion Air Aseptizer, room air is prevented from recirculating in the hospital/laboratory and filtration is ensured, by giving filtered fresh air to the isolated environment, the microorganism load is alleviated, and the spread of polluted air to other parts of the hospital/laboratory is prevented. (The device is capable of taking 15% to 100% of the ambient air per minute and throwing it out).

In addition to taking and throwing the ambient air in order to increase the efficiency of indoor air exchange and ambient conditions (heat-humidity-disinfection); With the Uvion Air Aseptizer, the quality of the ambient air is increased by giving the sterile air to the indoor that has been cleaned, disinfected and adjusted for climate and humidity using high-holding HEPA filters.

The air of the isolated room, which is set to negative pressure, never escapes into the corridor, and there is no risk of contamination.

Uvion Air Aseptizer provides easy follow-up with monitoring of negative pressure.

Air flows can be set on the device according to the desired number of air cycles in the environment and set values are measured with the help of sensors with 1% sensitivity, and it gives the opportunity to follow up on the screen.

In negative pressure isolation rooms; the walls and ceiling are made of smooth, easily cleaned, dust and dirt-proof, non-glare and non-reflective materials, resistant to water, chemicals and disinfectants.

The floor is covered with non-slippery, anti-bacterial materials. The door is self-closing and lockable. The disinfection of the ambient air is supported by the UV lamp and the Pathogen Ionizer (UVION MODUL). Complies with physical protection level 3 (TS EN 12128).

Total Bacteria and Mold Numbers by Device Operating Time
The Hour The Sample’s Was Taken Total Number of Bacteria Total Number of Moulds
0 960 228
2 690 48
4 426 8
6 291 2
8 211 0
24 87 0

Test Results of the Pathogen Ionizer Unit - at Cerrahpaşa Hospital.

Besides quick and construction-free solutions, projects and applications specific to you and the area can be made with the Uvion Air Aseptizer. Please contact us for information.

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