Teknomar Group Companies



Teknomar Ltd. Co.; Defense, health, industry, agriculture; production, design, R & D, innovation, sales, export, contracting and service activities.


Amedus Ltd. Co.; TEKNOMAR carries out the sales and distributor network coordination of the TOPIVAC brand of vacuum assisted wound care product.


TürkTest Ltd. Co.; Conducts sales of gas sterilizers, air sterilizers and clean room products, as well as particle measurement, differential pressure measurement, temperature and humidity measurement, air flow rate and air change count calculation, and HEPA filter sealing tests in accordance with ISO 14644: Cleanrooms & Association Contolled Environment standard.

Teknomar Group Brand

  • Teknomar
  • TurkTest
  • ETO C 1445
  • Revion
  • hypO3xy
  • ChemoCELL
  • Amedus
  • B Science
  • Steron
  • MultiCASE
  • Opavion
  • HRF 3000
  • TopiVac
  • careoxi
  • MultiDRESS
  • Asepticizer
  • Uvion
  • HRF 3000 Ozone